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Treatment period
– 5 – 6 consecutive days

– Do not use in animals with heart disease, impaired liver and kidney function, gastroenteritis,
hemoglobin. And edema

Stop using this drug 21 days before delivery and 4 days before milk consumption
– during treatment. Only food with low salt and protein levels should be given to animals.

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Buy Butasyl 100ml Online

BUTASYL Injectable Solution

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic

in injectable solution



Pharmaceutical form

Injectable solution (Sol.i.)

Composition per ml:

Phenylbutazone 186.1 mg; sodium salicylate 50.0 mg.

Interactions and incompatibilities

Do not administer with other analgesics, corticosteroids, barbiturates, chloramphenicol, sulfonamides,

anticoagulants, hydantoin-type anticonvulsants and hypoglycemic agents.

Indications and target species

Equine: Acute arthritis.


• Do not use in animals with cardiorenal affections, edema, gastritis or hemoglobinuria.

• Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Side effects

Very rarely, digestive disorders (gastritis c

oleic, diarrhea);

depression and anorexia; blood dyscrasias, decreased platelet aggregation (petechiae,

hemorrhages) and phlebopathies, as well as hydrosaline retention (edema). At the first symptom it is advised

stop treatment.

Route of administration

Slow intravenous.



Initial dose (adult animal and foals): 4 ml / 100 kg at intervals of 12 hours.

Maintenance dose (Adult animal and foals): 2 ml / 100 kg at 12 hour intervals.

Duration of treatment: 4 6 days depending on the inflammatory process.

Special precautions

• During the treatment period it is recommended to establish a r

hypoprotein egimen,

reducing the contribution of chlorides since there is a risk of edema formation.

• Do not administer to horses for at least eight days

days before participating in a competition.

Wait time

Do not use in equidae whose meat or milk is intended for human consumption.

Conservation mode

Store and transport refrigerated (2 to 8 ° C). Protect from direct sunlight.


With veterinary prescription.


100 ml bottle.


– Used to control and treat inflammation. Pain relief And reduce fever due to inflammation in different cases, such as used to treat tick fever, milk fever, mouth and foot stomatitis. In beef cattle – dairy cattle.

Size and method of use
– intramuscular injection. Or slowly into a vein In the following sizes
– first size buffalo calf 10 cc.
– per day, next size 5 cc per day
– first size buffalo 20 cc per day
– next size 10 cc. . Per day

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