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Meditation With Horses

Horses are extremely sensitive and realize when we use our breathing to communicate with them. When we meditate, finding ourselves in a stable breathing state, calming down our judgmental mind and find ourselves at peace with the present moment, that’s when we experience the magic of the horses responding to us. That’s when they tune in with our mindful energy. By sharing time together, doing nothing but focusing on the here and the now, we open the door to deeper connection and understanding. Meditation helps us becoming centered, having a clear mind and being focused. It’s these peaceful energy vibrations that heal us.

Horses are truly in-tuned to energy and emotion. They help us create healing and calming vibrations and support us on our path to find peace in the present moment. The more we can shift into a state of stillness and the more we can just be, the more we can see the animals relax and draw closer to us. By meditating with animals we deepen our capacity for compassion, which we can spread and share with others.

Horses, as well as other animals, have that beautiful gift to love unconditionally. All we need to do is open our heart and listen to it.
Our equine meditation is for everyone: Anyone who is open to try something new and wants to participate in a truly powerful meditation, that goes beyond and connects us with animals as well as like-minded individuals. Join a heart-centered circle and sense how spending time with horses in contemplation is serene and peaceful, inviting us to enter into quiet and healing joy.

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